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I was once addicted to cocaine, but I kicked the habit for some psychedelic mushrooms and my mind expanded.

I was once addicted to eating dead things, but I kicked the habit for some fresh fruit and my mind expanded.

I was once addicted to money and work, but I kicked the habit for some freedom and my mind expanded.

I was once addicted to the News, but I kicked the habit for some cartoons and my mind expanded.

I was once addicted to anger, but I kicked the habit for some laughter and my mind expanded.

I was once addicted to the city, but I kicked the habit for some surfing and a hammock and my mind expanded.

I was once addicted to expanding my mind, but I kicked the habit for some love and my heart expanded.


copyright 2002

"We used to say that someone was “dumbing down” America, this director, that writer, such and such comedian, but that ship sailed a long time ago and it arrived and set up shop. We cannot ever again say, Judd Apatow makes terrible long winded movies that represent women as shrewish harpies, or American Idol is a waste of an educated person’s time, or that James Franco is an attention whoring, would be pedophile; we know this is all true, but they are not to blame, you are.
The dumbing is here and these entrepreneurs are simply providing you with what you want. They don’t care that the future of quality entertainment is forever marred, they’ve collected their checks. Now they get to pretend to be utterly oblivious that their contribution has perpetuated the raging spiral of decline. They’re just doing their job, following orders, as it were. Publicly, they tell us that they’re blessed to be working in their field. Privately, I suspect the smarter among them, laugh at you and thank Satan for allowing them to get away with their dreadful crimes against humanity. So enjoy it, America, you deserve the shit you’re being fed. Smile and eat it up, knowing that there is very little room for it to get much worse, but rest assured, it will."

- Your mom

"The Entirety"

"The Entirety"

     There exists a place between the worlds which we know and accept and those worlds which we can only fathom in our conjuring minds.  Such worlds are more than a plane of existence to be measured in any conventional understanding.  The simple use of language, words and physical sounds, already begins to diminish and chip away at the notion of such an eternal, yet ephemeral reality.

     The feeling of place, a ground beneath one’s feet and the notion of time, a beginning and an end, these things are immeasurable where the collective known as The Entirety reside.  The beginning of space and time was created here, yet to begin there would need to be a moment before space and time and there was not; it has always been and yet is still waiting to become.  All the beginnings have already ended here and all of the endings have just begun. 

     The Seven Trillion Universes are bound together as one by The Creators of all that ever was and all that ever will be.  These creators, The Unknown and The Unnamed, watch over all things and all things move through space and in time with a free and munificent glory.

     In the great Multiverse from before forever and beyond infinity, there has been serenity.  All creatures who walk, creep, crawl, swim, float, fly or dance within and without all forty-seven dimensions of the Seven Trillion Universes, have lived symbiotically.  This harmony was complete and an unquestioningly perfect continuation of existence through liberty and elation. 

     Though all creatures everywhere that live must eventually come to an end, this ending is merely the soul’s blissful evolutionary progression toward becoming one with the element of The Entirety.  The joyful passing from the corporeal world to become one with The Entirety is known as The Journey of Triumph.  The journey beyond life is assisted by an escort, one who brings the joyful soul to the place where The Entirety resides; these winged escorts are known as The Seraph. 

     The spirits and souls of The Entirety exist as one here, and here they share the lessons learned and the stories of growth and wisdom of the corporeal world.  They share their discoveries and their wonder of all things immense and infinitesimal, until they either decide to return to the corporeal world as a new and different being or they decide to remain within The Entirety to grow and evolve in a blissful poem of existence.   

     All souls, once they leave The Entirety, exist as two interconnected beings and remain as such forever.  If they choose to return to the physical world and leave The Entirety, they do so with their counterpart, remaining together throughout each life and each return.  Never is one soul without the other.  The Multiverse is constructed in such a way as to deliver all beings, both subtle and vast, the wellbeing of The Unknown and The Unnamed themselves.     

     The Unknown and The Unnamed had created and given life to the place where The Entirety resides just as they have given life to all things.  They had also given this place a name, but much like their own name; it can only be spoken or understood in The Language of the Seven Trillion Universes.  This Language of the Multiverse is one of color and thought and can only be understood and communicated by The Unknown and The Unnamed and all of the souls who choose to remain within The Entirety, and of course, one Man, whom we shall meet presently.

     In the great and vast Multiverse there is one particular universe that holds one particular galaxy and in it there is a small star which gives light to an even smaller world.  This is a world of great seas with a vast variety of life beneath its surface and upon its land it holds an even wider expansion of life, both flora and fauna.

     Among this colossal assortment of life, lives a being known as Man, who occupies four of this world’s eight dimensions.  Another life that dwells in this world, are the Gods, who occupy six of the eight dimensions.  Man and God share only three of this world’s dimensions, but they share them harmoniously, as all life does everywhere in the Multiverse.  

     In this time when Man and God shared everything and lived in harmony, there was one young Man, who, without his understanding of why or how, broke a multiversal rule.  He was not the first to stumble upon a rule and fall.  In fact, The Unknown and The Unnamed were warmed when reminded that the evolution of life was a process of discovery, so they welcomed having outdated or unneeded rules brought to their attention.

     The rule this Man broke was a great one, but he was ultimately without blame, for The Creators themselves had made the initial error which resulted in this rule having been broken, but the young Man did not know this, nor could he.  The Creators were not unaware of their mistake, but before it could be remedied the repercussions had escalated and rippled, causing devastation and a colossal rift between all beings of this tiny world.

     The young man’s crime was that he had fallen in love.

     She was the most beautiful of all the living creatures in all The Seven Trillion Universes.  The young Man had little control over his actions, for his soul and the soul of his love, were the first souls to ever come into existence, separated from one another.  The devastating mistake was made and The Creators were at fault.

     The two separated souls eventually found their mates, but the soul of the young man’s mate did not find its way into the corporeal form of a mere Woman, but a Goddess.  This transgression could have been remedied and forgiven, but before The Seraph could act on behalf of The Unknown and The Unnamed, the young Goddess’ father had received word of their union and became fearful of what The Creators would do.  The God was not a bad creature, but his ignorance of the multiversal plan and his place among this plan, sent him down a vengeful path.  The God took a life; the first life to be taken by violence.  

     In all the Multiverse, the God named Jehovah was the first to destroy another living creature.  He took the life of the young Man, tearing the loving heart from the young Man’s chest and casting him out, left to fall through the five dimensions between the heavens and the land below.  He then took the life of the young Man’s family, his mother, his father, and his little brother.  The angry God was not satisfied and so he took the life of his own daughter, the Goddess of Autumn.  The Multiverse shook.

     There was no word, no color or thought in The Language of the Multiverse or indeed in any known or unknown language to describe what the murderous God had done.  New words, new thoughts and new colors would have to be added to the lexicon of The Seven Trillion Universes.

     The Unknown and The Unnamed were unable to comprehend how they did not foresee such a calamity.  The killing did not stop and it became a part of this small world, until Men killed Gods, Gods killed Men, and eventually each began to kill their own kind. 

     The Seraph, who served The Creators, wept continuously and they too were torn apart; they would eventually take sides in the coming battles, and they themselves evolved into two separate beings.  The Creators would in time turn their back on this small world, not for lack of concern, but because they were aware that the devastation could ripple outward, affecting the rest of The Seven Trillion Universes.  They did not leave this world unattended, however. 

     The damage was done and this tiny world would wage war against itself forever unless The Unknown and The Unnamed took it upon themselves to create a new being, one who could restore order.  The Creators returned to the young Man, his life, but not the life he had once known, instead they bestowed upon him an eternal life, an existence without end.  He would be neither Man, nor God.  He would not belong to either faction of the Seraph, neither angel, nor demon.  His life, however, would be taxed with a heavy burden; a life of duty and servitude; a creature whose sole existence was to seek out and destroy all the evil of his world. 

     They armed the young Man with several gifts, among them, a sword named, Mækir Konungr Sigr.  He would also be given a new heart, a heart gifted with temperance and evenhandedness.  His eyes and his mind, along with his new, strange and precious heart, would allow him to communicate the Language of the Multiverse.  The language of color and thought would also allow him to see into the souls of all the creatures of his world, determining whether or not his particular new skills were needed. 

     The sword was an even more enigmatic tool, for it possessed all the powers of The Unknown and The Unnamed, including the creation and destruction of all things and the properties which controlled time and space. 

     The young Man was unaware that The Creators had bestowed these powers as gifts and he was told that they were merely tools to help him fulfill his duty, his punishment for having broken such a supreme rule.  The young Man understood his destiny and accepted his punishment with the full knowledge that he would never again know what it was to be human or to feel love and warmth.  The Creators knew that this was not true, but allowed him to believe it were so.

     The Creators had plans for the young Man, plans that would only benefit him, but first he was faced with the nearly insurmountable task of setting the world right, then and only then would they be able to make their plans known to him.  His existence was vital to the continuance of both the Multiverse and even to the future of The Unknown and The Unnamed. 

     For guidance, he could only count on the creatures of the earth, the animals and the innocent.  The skies would light with bands of color when the wicked outweighed the good and when The Unknown and The Unnamed wished to communicate to their servant directly.

      This was the beginning of the young Man’s journey.  His name had once been Frustaz, but after The Creators bestowed their powers upon him, he would be given a new name, one plucked from the lexicon of new words, new thoughts and new colors. The name created by the scribes of The Language of the Multiverse was complete and new.  He would now be known to them as Bereavement and Black.  In his own world, he would now and forever be known and feared by the name of Death.  He was the first of his kind.


Copyright (2009)

I’m going to try something new!


I’m planning on posting fewer photos and more of my original writing. I’m doing this with the sole purpose of acquiring more followers, who will in turn read more of my writing. I’ve had very little success with tumblr, but I’m learning. Be patient.

SO, if you decide not to unfollow me immediately, what you could do to help would be to “like” and “repost” my writing if you enjoy it and if it’s doesn’t “ruin the look of your blog”

I would be terribly grateful for your existence and I would hold you in the highest regard, much like I do certain cookies.

Eventually, I will start a separate blog for the writing and send this one back to the realm of pretty pictures, but until then, it’s going to be the bastard child of a sunset and a manic rant.


Cosmological Love: Part II

HERSo, when you say you CAN’T fall in love with a woman again because you love with a “cosmological love,” do yo mean you only love the idea of the woman? Let’s say I love flowers am I loving cosmologially? 


ME: Well, let’s see, do you love;

The Idea of the flower,

The seed that was planted in anticipation of the flower,

The idea of the seed that was to become the flower,

The dirt that the seed was planted in,

The rain that feeds the seed,

The clouds that produced the rain,

The sun that makes the seed grow,

The mature plant that the seed fell from,

The plant the seed will someday become,


The scent of the flower on the plant that the seed became?

Then perhaps you may learn to love cosmologically.


For me;

I love the moon

I love surfing

I love the ocean

I love books

I love writing

I love motorcycles

I love (women)

I love gardening

I love animals

I love children

I love innocence

And the infinite number of things that go into making those seeds grow.


HER: Bullshit!


ME: Ha! Yeah, Ya got me. Fuck everything! 


In my experience; Giving your unconditional love to a woman is like trying to give a homeless person a toaster. 


So, now I simply give them;












And my Time

But not my love

Love is the most important thing that you can give and to give it to just a woman isn’t fair to either of you.



The human condition.


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