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If the aliens on just about any science fiction TV show are losing the battle with the good guys and their shields or weapons are failing, and they’re about to be destroyed; i suppose it’s a last resort to divert power from the dry ice fog machine that keeps their floors so spooky.

I remember a time when screwing the lid back on a bottle (orange juice, for instance) only took one or two tries tops. Now lining up the grooves just right in under a dozen attempts is an act of unwilling heroism, better suited for a personal assistant.


Science is key, there is no question. You should surround yourself with science, live and breath science, swim in science, science is the how, and the why of who we are, and what we know, but that doesn’t mean you can’t leave a little room for imagination.

Life, in all of its scientific wonder, all of its answers beholden to science, and its truths uncovered by science, isn’t really worth living if you can’t let just a little bit of fantasy shine through the cracks.
Now, I’m not saying get on your knees and pray to the fantasy, you crackpots, but recognize it for what it is; a sweet tale, told by your wonderful mind. The science of your brain chemistry, painting a beautiful picture to ease the suffering of your cognizant, and imaginative mind.

There is science enough to explain everything else, science enough to seal up almost all the cracks, but in those tiny places where science is still learning, peer through the openings and let the chasm feed your imagination. Science eventually catches up to imagination and fantasy, because that’s where science was born.


- Henry Merit Wishmaker LaRogue

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Apparently, some “celebrity” nudes were leaked to the internet and everyone under 14 is very excited.  To me, this is about as exciting as watching grass grow.  I hate to be the one to tell you this, kids, but they’re just girls and if you’d tear yourself away from your computer screen, you’d notice that they’re all around us.

In just one hour I received hundreds of new reblogs and thousands of likes on a photo that I posted, but not one single new follower.
What a lonely and cold place the tumblr community is; I am sad.

Well, you know, sad in a comical and disproportionate way than is appropriate for a blog that is completely self indulgent and first worldly- otherwise, I’m fine.

Go Mets.

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My image of self identity is merely an abstract construct of the mind, consisting of memories, outer stimuli, and the illusory concept of being an entity which exists in something we all agree to call “time;”and all of this is accumulated information that my mind creates into a conscious awareness which I obsessively hold in great value, but only because it’s all that I know or have ever known.

That being fully understood to mean that WE all exist universally as ONE and we need only ignore the consistent voice in our heads known as the EGO to live in a utopian society where conflict, resolution of conflict, hatred, war, and greed become ancient words, used only by our lesser evolved ancestors. WHICH could all happen today at this very moment, if we all agreed to let go of the our hollow image of identity. However, until that day comes we protect our personal image of self identity and travel on along the journeys we feel will give us the most comfort.

Those journeys we forge are predetermined, however, set down in our DNA long before we’re born. Like the birth of a raindrop in a dark cloud, we unconsciously follow our paths toward the final reuniting of drops in the same cosmic puddle. We evaporate from the earth and join the great cloud once again to ready ourselves to follow a newer path, but no one journey is more important or higher than any other, though some of us raindrops have rained down many times, while others are new to getting wet. The fresh raindrop’s path may be to overcome their greed, their hatred, and their desires. Another path might be to survive terrible horrors and thrive during a life full of suffering, while someone else’s path may be to seek out a mate and procreate the cosmic rain. My path, this time around, is to journey inwardly to forge new and liberating ideas, freeing myself from the cycle that I may grow and leave the puddle to become the cloud.

I say this here and now, because twitter is only 140 characters and sometimes that bullshit just ain’t enough space to say what’s on my mind.